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Future Internet - 2013



See the ongoing activities under the FI-PPP: www.fi-ppp.eu The  objective  of  the  third  phase  of  the  FI-PPP 10   is  (i)  to  provide  and  run  a  stable infrastructure for the large scale trials, expand the core platform, the use case specific functionalities  and  their  demand-driven  instantiations,  and  (ii)  to  involve  through open   calls   SMEs   and   web-entrepreneurs   as   developers   of   highly   innovative, infrastructure based, data-rich services and applications, building on, and extending, the  large  scale  trials  and  the  core  platform  functionalities.  The  third  phase  is  an integral  part  of  the  FI-PPP  and  capitalises  on  the  investments  and  developments  of phase one and two.   All  projects  operating  under  the  FI-PPP  contribute  and  adhere  to  the  governance structures  in  place  and  develop  cooperation  notably  with  CONCORD  and  FI-WARE. The third phase of the FI-PPP ensures that technological developments and trials  taking  place  in  phases  one  and  two will  evolve  into  seed-type  activities generating actual take-up of innovative Internet services and applications.  


EUR 100 million


This objective calls for projects with participants that can rapidly connect to existing communities of small and innovative ICT users and developers, i.e., SMEs and web-entrepreneurs, to take-up Future Internet technologies developed in previous phases.  Typically  projects  will  bring  together  partners  providing  the  full  ecosystem  to successfully  involve  the  SMEs  and  web-entrepreneurs  called  to  participate,  such  as partners having access to and experience with SME environments, partners bringing in  the  innovative  ICT  infrastructure,  trial  providers,  the  user   notion,  and  the  public sector to foster local/regional commitment. 

Info & contact

Link naar call: http://goo.gl/VczG1


Luc De Ridder, Agentschap voor Innovatie door Wetenschap en Technologie (IWT)


02/432 42 38

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