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Blue Growth: Unlocking the potential of seas and oceans 2015



The aim of the focus area is to improve the understanding of the complex interrelations between various maritime activities, technologies, including space enabled applications, and the marine environment to help boost the marine and maritime economy by accelerating its potential through R&I. It will enhance sectoral and cross-sectoral cooperation by building on major international, regional and national initiatives.  The sustainable exploitation of the diversity of marine life will put emphasis in 2014 on valuing and mining marine biodiversity while 2015 will focus on the preservation and sustainable exploitation of marine ecosystems and climate change effects on marine living resources. The new offshore challenges will be tackled in 2014 through a support action (CSA) preparing potential further large –scale offshore initiatives and one initiative focused on sub-sea technologies while in 2015 a large scale initiative is planned on response to oil spill and maritime pollution. Also a large-scale initiative on improving ocean observation systems/technologies including novel monitoring systems for in-situ observations will be supported in 2014 as well as one activity on acoustic and imaging technologies. Finally, several horizontal activities regarding socio-economic issues, valorising research outcomes or engaging with society as well as projects targeting SMEs will be promoted in 2014.  Specifieke onderdelen:BG-02-2015: Forecasting and anticipating effects of climate change on fisheries and aquacultureBG-07-2015: Response capacities to oil spills and marine pollutionsBG-01-2015: Improving the preservation and sustainable exploitation of Atlantic marine ecosystems 




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